Top Reasons Steam Mops Are Gaining Popularity

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Steam mops are becoming popular in the modern homes across the world. This short write-up is primarily intended to compare a study on steam mop vs regular mop and more details can be found at The usage of steam is all the rage in both industrial and home segments due to its efficiency and cost. Thanks to the latest innovation, steam mops are slowly replacing the traditional wet mops we use in our homes for cleaning the floors. Though the traditional mops are effective but their efficiency is considered to be less than the trendy steam mops.

Steam Mop Is Environment-Friendly
This environmentally friendly floor cleaner works on all hard floor surfaces, not just hardwood alone. Tile, quality laminates, and other sealed surfaces can be sanitized using vapors. Grimy surfaces in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, entryways, and every other room in the house can be renewed with a steam mop. Although environmentally friendly floor cleaners successfully clean hard surfaces with ease, they should not be used on carpet. Steam cleaning is ideal for hard surfaces but is not a good solution for carpet. Steam will remove dust mites and bacteria from carpet but will leave a stain behind.

Steam Mop Vs Wet Mop

· Chemical -Free: More importantly, wet mops need chemicals to clean the floor which is totally eliminated while using steam mops. When it comes to the removal of muddy footprints, food stains, the steam mop works better than the wet mops. This feature saves cos .
· High reliability: Steam mops are considered to be more reliable than the regular wet mops which have a shorter life span.
· Low maintenance: Maintenance of the steam mops is less expensive. Issues with the plastic wringers may pose an issue after sufficient usage of the unit and the part can be easily replaced by any local repairers.
· No footprints: After the usage of the steam mop on the floor, it leaves the floor dry after such cleaning and hence eliminates the footprint patches that form while using the regular wet mops. Steam mops clean the floor without any detergents at all. And in rare cases, steam mops use detergent dispensers for dealing hard stains that are left over for a long period.
· Better safety: Since water is all that’s required, steam mops are safe for children and family pets. Cleaning agents that use chemicals evaporate while the surface is drying and may gather in the air. This can contaminate the air in your home, especially if the temperature is hot and humid, or the room is damp.
· Simple and single unit: Above all, a steam mop comes as a single unit and do not need other accessories like bucket as used in the case of the regular mop.

With the above-mentioned benefits, homeowners today can say goodbye to the regular mop and select the right steam mop which will not harm the environment or their family. There are various models of these steam mops available ranging from simple to higher level machines. Undoubtedly, a steam mop is considered to be the best option for cleaning hardwood floors and other surfaces like tile and high-quality laminate.