Finding The Best Golf Shafts

Best Golf Shafts

There are many things to focus when choosing the golf equipment and accessories. Golf shaft is one of the important factors that any golf player should seriously consider. There is no dearth of golf shafts in the market as they come in different colors, styles and price range. You can find golf shafts for sale at both online and offline stores as well. What is most important is finding the right one for your style. Not all golf shafts will work great for you. You need to find a one that suits your playing style, height, etc. You can to look into various models of golf shafts. By looking into more options, you would be able to find an ideal one.

What makes the selection process more difficult is the given overwhelming number of options. Yes, there are plenty of golf shafts in the market, thereby making it difficult to choose the ideal one. A good shaft should feel good to hold in your hand. You should not choose a model based on your friends’ testimonials. You should first hold the shaft and make sure that your hands feel good to hold. You can also choose a shaft depending on your skill level. Some shafts are made for beginners, while some are made for experts.

Golf shafts are available in different materials such as steel, graphite, titanium, etc. You should know that each material has its own characteristic. For example, steel is very strong and may feel heavy than graphite shaft. You can read the golf shaft reviews to find the ideal one for you. The reviews can give a clear picture about different golf shafts. The golf shaft can affect your performance, even though it is of high quality and reputable brands. Make sure to read the specifications before buying the golf shafts. You can make the comparison quickly when shopping online.

ShowBox 2017 – The Latest Version Download Guide


The most popular streaming app of recent times ShowBox has transformed in a lot of ways since the day it was launched. Several features were added to the application as updated versions for the better use of the movie lovers. Any application should be updated the moment you are notified by your system to update a particular app. If you fail to upgrade the application, it will result in the malfunction of the application due to compatibility issues. ShowBox has recently updated its current version and is ready for the 2017 latest edition. You can Download ShowBox 2017 version from the trusted links, and as noted in, you can view the upcoming movies list and the additional features.

The latest version of this popular app is ShowBox 4.82. Let us have a look at the extra features added to this release and the downloading methods below.

Downloading the new version
The download process is the same as the other older versions. But to remind of the basics, follow the below steps,

1) There are claimed links which promise you a secure download of the ShowBox 4.82 version. But the most recommended way is to download it from the official website of ShowBox to avoid malware.
2) Alter your mobile settings to install third party applications.
3) Open the APK file downloaded and waited till the installation process is completed. Never interfere in the process and check that you have a secure internet connection to avoid improper installation.
4) That’s it. You are ready to enjoy the services of the latest version of ShowBox.

General features of ShowBox
1) You are not restricted to select any movie or video
2) ShowBox has a great interface to filter out the needed movies from the countless movies and videos.
3) Apart from the streaming, ShowBox allows you to download the videos.
4) The customizing option offered in the My Library helps in saving your favorites and gets updated frequently.
5) ShowBox allows you to share your favorite videos with your friends via social media.

Features added to ShowBox 4.82 version

1) The button designs of the Download and Watch Now has been altered.
2) The old versions have server selection options as Server 3 and server 4. It has now been changed to Server A and Server B.
3) All these days, movies were viewed and downloaded as parts which were considered to be a major issue for most of the users. This version of ShowBox allows watching or downloading of a single movie file.
4) All errors and malfunction reported in the previous versions have been fixed.

Update the android device if there is any before you start using the latest version of ShowBox to avoid compatibility issues. This version too gives, you the last HD quality videos and movies which you cannot find any other streaming applications. Another quality which makes ShowBox to the “must use” application is that it is free to use. You don’t have to register your email id or any other information or subscribe to use the vast video and movies library of ShowBox.